What Is The Best Type Of Bin For Grape Harvest?

The process that transforms the grapes from the...

The process that transforms the grapes from the vines and into the wine that hits your table is a pretty fascinating one with many specialised nuances along the way. One of these is the picking bin that is used to store the freshly picked fruit, grape harvest is always about making the process easier and more efficient. Here we’ll look at how we can facilitate that process.

Grape Harvest – It’s All About The Harvest

Depending on the grape, the region, and the purpose of the grapes that are being harvested, the exact step-by-step picking process will only be known by the winemakers and viticulturalists. Technique and technology both have hands in this ever evolving process. However, something that won’t change is how the grapes are lugged around and stored before the next step in the grape’s journey. Whether it’s by hand or machine, picking grapes is something that can be simplified to plucking the fruit from the vine and storing it in a grape bin.

Choosing The Right Bin for Grape Harvest

Manual and mechanical harvesting are both two different ways that grapes can be picked from the vine. Using the right equipment can make your job a lot easier. For a grape bin to be of any use throughout harvest time, it needs to be tough, portable and spacious. The ideal bin will be manufactured to last with materials that will remain corrosion-free, hygienic, and protected from the harsh Australian elements.

Features of a Quality Grape Harvest Bin

  • The ideal size of the bin should be around 2.85 cubic metres to make sure that there is more than enough room to store the harvest at any one time.
  • When it comes to the material aspect of the bin, one of the most important aspects has to be that the bin meets Australia’s strict food storage standards and is made from a food-grade material such as Polyethylene.
  • Polyethylene also works effectively to ensure that the bin is not damaged by the sun’s UV rays and other elements
  • Additionally, for structural integrity, the bins should have sturdy steel frames so that the liner can withstand rough treatment while protecting its contents. Hot dip galvanised steel can ensure the longevity of the bin for an operational lifetime.
  • Bonus features to look out for would be bins that are available in multiple colours for identification purposes, with room for company logos etc.

These are just some of the basics that the ultimate bin should feature. Primarily your grape bin needs to be industry-centric that is, specifically designed for durability and built for the viticulture and agriculture industries. It’s essential that this type of equipment can be built tough and strong, it will be the workhorse of your productivity, not to mention efficiency.

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