Wooden barrels have been used in the storage of many products for centuries now. Wine stored in barrels is still a very popular practice but storing wine in barrels can be a challenging task. Topping up barrels and sulphur adjustments demand that you have easy access to your wine barrels. But this can potentially take up a lot of storage space.

If you have a storage space with a high ceiling, it only makes sense that you should try and stack as many wine barrels on top of each other as possible as this will save you precious floor space. But what methods are safe and manageable? Let’s take a look.

Stacking Options

From our many years of working in the wine barrel storage industry, we have seen many methods of staking wine barrels to save space. Some of the more common methods are:

  • Pyramid Stacking. While the method of pyramid stacking wine barrels on top of each other may look pretty, it can be quite impractical. The use of this method should be only considered in small private cellars & not for industrial or commercial operations. The access to the barrels is very limited and the potential for causing an injury when accessing the barrels is high. Also managing the weight of the barrels on the top level is an issue so that the lower level barrels are not damaged.
  • Wine Barrel Racks. When stacking large amounts of wine barrels, a racking structure is recommended, but some are definitely safer than others. Wooden racks can contribute to wine barrels moulding & are not as sturdy as a hot-dip galvanised steel rack.

The Need For Wine Barrel Racks

Quality wine barrels racks are necessary for safe and effective storage and have become one of the most popular methods for storing wine barrels. They prevent wine barrels from toppling over and allow you to save on storage space, which could, in turn, bring you more revenue as you can store more product safely.

Gorilla Products manufacture and sell premium wine barrel racks in Australia. Our wine barrel racks allow you to safely stack Wine or Spirit Barrels up to eight rows high. This really maximises your storage space! The wine barrel racks can easily be moved due to the forklift entry points on both sides of the racking system, so you have easy access to your barrels and can load and unload with ease. Our Barrel King and Barrel Master also offer a unique rotation function that allows you to rotate your wine barrels without removing them from the rack.

Interested in any of our wine barrel racks or other wine storage solutions? Get in touch with the team at Gorilla Products Australia today!