Gorilla Products has provided quality viticultural and agricultural solutions
for years. Below are a couple testimonials of our clients and businesses we have interacted with.

Kies Family Wines

Gorilla grape bins are tough, portable and big. With 2.85 cubic metres of space, you will have plenty of storage. Meanwhile every Gorilla grape bin bears a polyethylene liner of 100% food-grade quality. So you can store grapes in conditions that meet Australia’s strictest standards for food storage. That means you can rest easy that your grape stocks will be kept hygienic and corrosion-free.

BFL – Barrel & Equipment Finance

Barrel Finance and Logistics (BFL) is pleased to have known “Spanlift” and “Gorilla Agri Products” for many years and assisted customers with rental finance of barrel racking systems on a “rent to own basis”. BFL always find “Spanlift” and “Gorilla Agri Products” to have a Fast & Friendly Service. BFL is a leading rental company in the viticultural and agricultural space.

Gorilla products is pleased to have known BFL for years and have assisted customers with options for gorilla barrel racking systems.


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