Over the years, Gorilla Products barrel storage solutions have improved drastically when updating from the Barrel Cradle to the Barrel Master, with improvements such as no longer relying on the structural rigidity of your barrels as a part of rack’s structure, improved stacking efficiency and ease-of-use. Since then, we have been working to further refine this design to further improve our stacking efficiency, maximum heights, safety, ease-of-stacking and more.

After years of research and development, we are proud to introduce our full-sized barrel storage solution: the Barrel King.

Barrel kings are a direct successor to the barrel master line of solutions, featuring a number of improvements including:

  1. New patented cone shaped interlocking system on the tops and bases of the rack to improve stacking efficiency thanks to their self-locating design
  2. Rounded base design to reduce scratching and damage to flooring
  3. Optional spring locking system to allow for safe stacking up to 10 racks high
  4. Damage-combating design with no sharp edges
  5. Optional rotation options including part rotation, occasional 360 deg rotation and frequent complete 360 deg rotation
  6. Highly versatile storage accommodating thinner or uneven barrel sizes
  7. Greater access for topping, sampling and pumping
  8. Strictly secure storage while bearing no weight on barrels

Gorilla barrel kings are built to engineering standards for their specified weight and height bearing limits and will increase the overall safety of your barrel store thanks to their heightened safety compared to barrel cradle style storage solutions.

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